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For women of all ages who want a flawless look without the daily hassle of makeup application.

Permanently You operates a professional, fully insured permanent makeup studio in the heart of Sussex using state-of-the-art equipment and the highest quality hypo-allergenic pigments.

You can be sure of receiving a bespoke service of the best quality, from the free initial consultation through to the treatment and scheduled follow-up appointments.



Permanent Eyebrow Treatments by Kim Bromwich Sussex

Whether It’s giving you a subtle brow lift to take a few years off and enhance the eye area, replacing missing ends of your eyebrows, or simply adding hairs to sparse areas, I can create and perfectly redesign a new brow style just for you regardless of age, face shape or skin colour.


Permanent Eyeliner Treatments by Kim Bromwich Sussex

Natural but noticeable Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancement will thicken and define your natural lash line, attracting more attention to “bare” eyes. Ultra subtle, Ultra pretty, I can create a look just for you. You will love 100% stay put eye makeup that will not smudge when swimming or at the gym.

Permanent Lip
Liner & Lip Blush

Permanent Lip Treatments by Kim Bromwich Sussex

I can replace naturally receding lip colour with a newly perfect shape ironing out any asymmetries or imperfections to your natural lip shape subtly increasing the volume for the perfect pout. I will custom blend a colour to suit your skin tone, age range and life style. So natural, only you and I will know ;).

Why Are Clients Traveling From Miles Around To Have Their Permanent Makeup Done With Sussex Permanent Makeup Specialist Kim Bromwich? …

  • You can wake up every day with perfectly applied makeup and even better it stays there all day too!

  • Your makeup is completely smudge free leaving you no longer having to worry about swimming, running or even just the weather!

  • Save at least an extra 20 mins a day off your morning make-up routine resulting in more time in bed catching up on your beauty sleep!

  • Sensitive to makeup you no longer need to worry as pigments are hypoallergenic so no allergic reactions to worry about.

  • Struggle with applying eyeliner especially if you need to wear glasses then struggle no more as it’s been permanently applied by an expert every day.

 – Read some of my client’s reviews below to see what they say about their permanent makeup …

FAQ’s – Sussex Permanent Makeup Client Frequently Asked Questions

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup is a form of cosmetic tattooing also known as micropigmentation. The process involves implantation of pigments beneath the surface of your skin. This process uses pigments rather than inks meaning it will fade over time but will always remain in the skin. Top ups may be required and are advised every few years for a fresh look.

How long will it last?

Semi-permanent makeup usually lasts between 1-3 years. This can vary depending on individual skin type, exposure to UV rays, age, health and medication.

Does it hurt?

This will vary from client to client, however with the use of topical anaesthetic cream there is minimal discomfort. Some just feel a prickly or scratchy sensation..

Is it safe?

Yes! The highest standards of hygiene are met and I use state-of-the-art digital technology. All pigments used are hypoallergenic and no treatment will be carried out before a patch test has been completed.

What will I look like after my treatment?

Immediately after a treatment the colour will be intense and appear darker than the final result. There may also be some swelling and redness which will settle quickly.

How long will it take?

Each procedure can take 1.5-2.5hrs. At the initial treatment there will be paperwork to complete. Before and after photos need to be taken and time will need to be spent discussing and perfecting design and colour, due to each treatment being bespoke.

Why do I need a consultation first?

During the consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss what it is you would like to achieve. With my knowledge I can help you decide what colours, shapes and styles would best suit your natural colouring, features, image and style. The consultation process also gives us the chance to identify any possible contraindications and enables you to make an informed choice.

Are there any risks or complications?

There should be minimal risks of complications if clients follow the aftercare instructions which will be issued prior to the procedure being carried out.

Who is permanent make up for?

Many people can benefit from permanent makeup. Some may just want a subtle enhancement to their natural features, whilst others may desire a more dramatic look. It can be truly valuable to those with impaired vision, an unsteady hand or allergies to conventional makeup. Those that lead an active lifestyle and wish to look their best during activities such as swimming or going to the gym may also benefit. Many women can feel dissatisfied with their sparse eyebrows, or also others who have lost hair due to alopecia or chemotherapy. Some just want to look their best at all times or simply don’t have time to apply makeup every morning.

Who is permanent makeup not suitable for?

Anyone who does not meet the minimum age requirement of 18 years. Anyone with a serious medical condition may require a doctor’s letter. Pregnant or nursing clients are also unsuitable for treatments.

Sussex Permanent Makeup Client Testimonials

Tamar Testimonial for Kim Bromwich

Image of Tamar Testimonial for Kim Bromwich
Tamar, West Sussex

Sue B Testimonial for Kim Bromwich

Image of Sue B Testimonial for Kim Bromwich
Sue B, Cuckfield

Rosanna Testimonial for Kim Bromwich

Image of Rosanna Testimonial for Kim Bromwich

Suzzi Hamilton Testimonial for Kim Bromwich

Image of Suzzi Sparrow Testimonial for Kim Bromwich
Suzanne Hamilton, Haywards Heath

Sussex Permanent Makeup Client Portfolio

Kim Bromwich Permanent Makeup Sussex Profile

Kim Bromwich

Sussex Permanent Makeup Specialist

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