P E R M A N E N T   M A K E U P    T R E A T M E N T S


by Kim Bromwich of Permanently You, Sussex

Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent Makeup Eyebrows by Kim Bromwich, Sussex

Permanent Eyebrows – What You Need To Know

Whether it’s giving you a subtle brow lift to take a few years off and enhance the eye area, replacing missing ends of your eyebrows or simply adding hairs to sparse areas, I can create and perfectly redesign a new brow style just for you regardless of age, face shape or skin colour.

Brows can become thin from over-plucking or appear uneven or shapeless. By having the right shaped brow, it can truly open up your eye area. Booking in for permanent makeup could be the best decision you ever make!

Pigments & Colours

With a wide selection of Hypoallergenic Pigments to choose from, I can custom blend to suit your skin tone and hair colour. As part of my training, I gained an extensive colour theory knowledge and will take time to assess your underlying skin tone and natural hair colouring to ensure the correct colour is custom blended for you for a perfect healed result.

FREE Consultation

At your free consultation we can discuss your desired style whether it be a powder brow or microblading.

Types of Permanent Eyebrow Treatments

A powder brow will create a more defined fuller look, whilst microblading allows for natural hair stimulation to create an ultra-realistic brow. This look is achieved by using a hand tool and is suitable for clients with or without their own hair.

I can also offer a combination with natural hair stokes at the front and a powder look for more definition through the arch and tail

With any technique, I will firstly draw on the shape with an eyebrow pencil so we can decide on the best shape for you. I can help guide you and will also listen to your wishes; we will only proceed when you are 100% happy.

Perfecting Your New Brows

It is always best to err on the side of caution with a more subtle or lighter look as there is always the option to go darker at the 6-week follow up appointment, which is included in the treatment price.

P E R M A N E N T   M A K E U P    T R E A T M E N T S


by Kim Bromwich of Permanently You, Sussex

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner by Kim Bromwich

Permanent Eyeliner – What You Need To Know

Natural but noticeable, eyeliner and eyelash enhancement will thicken and define your natural lash line and attract more attention to ‘bare’ eyes. Ultra-subtle, ultra-pretty, I can create a look just for you. You will love 100% stay put eye makeup that will not smudge when swimming or at the gym.

Who Is Permanent Eyeliner for …

This is an ideal treatment for those with poor eyesight, unsteady hands, sensitivity to conventional makeup causing watery eyes, and those who are active and like to go to the gym or swimming but fear the dreaded ‘panda’ eye look! Or those who simply wish to look their best at all times.

True Benefits of Permanent Eyeliner …

I can offer a subtle or dramatic look. Enhancing the lash line can give the illusion of fuller lashes and can open the eyes and give great definition.

Styled To Your Own Preference & Perfection

This look is very natural. For those who require a more dramatic look I can graduate it slightly thicker towards the outer edge creating a thin or medium eyeliner. Your requirements can be discussed at the free consultation.

P E R M A N E N T   M A K E U P    T R E A T M E N T S


by Kim Bromwich of Permanently You, Sussex

Permanent Lip Liner & Blush

Permanent Lips by Kim Bromwich

Permanent Lips – What You Need To Know

I can replace naturally receding lip colour with a newly perfect shape ironing out any asymmetries or imperfections to your natural lip shape, subtly increasing the volume for the perfect pout. I will custom blend a colour to suit your skin tone, age range and lifestyle. So natural, only you and I will know ;).

Who Is Permanent Lip Treatments For …

This is the perfect treatment if you are unhappy with the fullness, colour or shape of your lips. Having a lip liner can help to enhance the shape of an uneven lip line and give a fuller and more shapely appearance. If you are looking for a slightly fuller look then the lip blush may be for you. This treatment can help create a 3D effect by enhancing the lip line and blushing the colour into the centre.

Full Colour Permanent Lip Treatments

For those looking to correct uneven colouring or wanting a fuller look without the need for surgery or fillers then I would recommend the full colour treatment.

True Benefits of Permanent Lips

Imagine never having to reapply your lipstick all day long. Initially this will look very bright and can last a few days until the lips start shedding as part of the healing process. The colour will appear to fade, then during the final stages of healing, the colour will blossom to give the final finished look. A full lip tint can be done using natural colour or a slightly more vibrant shade depending on your requirements.

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